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Sheffield EPC's

14 - Jan - 2015


What is an EPC

What is an EPC or Energy Performance Certificate?

Energy Performance Graph
Environmental Rating Graph

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's)

In basic terms Energy Performance Certificates or EPC's tell you how energy efficient a property is. The energy efficiency & environmental impact is worked out on a scale of A-G and is shown on a graph like the ones above.

If a property is very energy efficient and has lower fuel bills then it will be in a higher band. If a property is low in energy efficiency and has very high fuel bills then it will be in a lower band. The graph produced is much like the type found on domestic appliances such as cookers and washing machines.

Equally as important, especially in today's current 'green' push to reverse climate change, the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) also informs the property owner of how their energy consumption affects the environment. For example if you have an energy efficient property i.e. in band A then you are having much less impact on the environment than a property in Band G which will have more carbon dioxide emissions, which are damaging the environment. These recomendations are not shown on the graphs, they are presented in a table after the graphs.

According to the Government the average property in the UK is in bands D-E. This means the majority of properties in the UK are not very energy efficient. The Energy Performance Certificate will alert property owners to this, showing them what can be done to improve the ratings, and so save money on heating and lighting.


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